What is Forex or foreign exchange market: It is the largest financial market in the world with a volume of over 1.5 trillion dollars every day, it's money. Unlike other financial markets, the forex market has no physical location, no central exchange. It operates through an electronic network of banks, corporations and individuals trading one currency for another.

What prediction: predict market trends and the future by using existing data and facts. Analysts rely on technical and fundamental statistics to predict the direction of the economy, the stock market and individual values.

For those who trade on the Forex, or foreign currency exchange, knowing how to forecast the Forex can be the difference between commercial success and the loss of money. When you start to learn about Forex trading, it is imperative that you understand how to predict the Forex market.

There are several methods used in the currency forecasting. Each system is used to understand how the forex market works and how it may affect fluctuations and foreign exchange dealers. The two-most commonly used is called technical analysis and fundamental analysis. The two methods differ in their way, but everyone can help the Forex trader understand how they affect the rate of currency trading. Most of the time, experienced traders and brokers know the method and use a mix of both to trade Forex.

One of the methods used to predict the exchange rate is known as technical analysis. This method uses the predictions of trends in the forex charts and graphs of recent events on the market. The system is based on solid facts which actually existed in the Forex in the past. Many traders and agents are based on the experience of this system as it follows the trend of reality and can be quite reliable.

In reviewing the technical analysis in forex, there are three basic principles that are used to make projections. These principles are based on market action with respect to timeliness, currency movements and price trends of history. When he saw action in the market, while supply and demand, current policies and market conditions currently being studied. It is generally agreed that the real price of money is a direct reflection of the news.

The trend of price movement is another factor in the use of technical analysis. This means that there are trends in market behavior has been known to be a factor in Forex. This model is usually repeated over time and can often be a constant factor in predicting the currency market. Another factor to consider when forecasting the Forex is history. There is no specific model on the market and is usually confidence factors. There are some graphics that should be considered when forecasting the Forex market using technical analysis. Five categories are indicators, number theory, waves, gaps and trends.

Most of them can be very difficult for novices to the Forex. Most professional Forex brokers understand the tables and have the ability to offer its customers well-informed advice on forex trading.

Another way that experienced brokers and traders in the currency used to predict the trend of so-called fundamental analysis. This method is used to predict future price movements based on events that have not yet arrived. This can range from political changes, environmental factors and natural disasters, even. Important factors and statistics that are used to predict how it will affect the supply and demand and the level of the currency. In most cases, this method is not a reliable factor alone, but used in conjunction with technical analysis to form an opinion on the changes in the Forex market.

For those interested in participating in Forex trading, a basic understanding of how the system is very important. Understanding prediction systems and two way to predict market trends will help Forex traders with its commercial success. The most experienced operators and agents involved in the Forex use a system of technical and fundamental when deciding on the Forex market. When used together, can provide investors with useful information on trends of change, where they go.

Always leave the forecasting to the professionals unless you are playing the Forex as a hobby and have invested a lot of money ... Or you're like most people learn the hard way.